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Organisational change and development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Organisational salmagundi and development - Essay ExampleCenter of discussion in this paper is organisational change management as the process necessary for an association to identify, to organise, to employ and to attain full benefit from the alterations taking place deep down or outside the organisational environment. The objectives of organisational change management is concerned with effective planning, execution, measurement and preservation of the initiatives of implementing change strategies as sound as augmentation of the capacity required for managing changes. Organisational change can be observed when an organisation intends to streamline its available assets and enhance its capacity to generate value by augmenting effectiveness to a sustainable extent. Changes atomic number 18 considered as ubiquitous in nature that helps progressing as well as achieving experiences which escort to the acceleration of the overall organisational growth. In the current era of globalisat ion, the process of organisational changes is widely considered to be inevitable. In order to meet the scientific as well as environmental challenges of the situations, the teams should be able to adopt changes in due way of time. The change management strategies of an organisation are often based on diverse approaches such as individualistic, socio-economic and structural aspects among others which help in the development of many theories and functions. Along with the advancement of technology as well as new practices, the organisational change management process continues to alter in order to cope with the steadfast changes. There are various types of approaches such as traditional, socio-economic, socio-structural and socio-technical approaches among others which deal with organisational change management from differing perspectives. One of the more often than not applied perspectives to organisational change management is observed to be the traditional approach that can be effectively described by the Kurt Lewins classical model (Friedman & Shcustack, 2008). Kurt Lewins classical theory is influential in organisational change management as it focuses mainly on the individual aspects and social psychology rather than reflexion and problem solving. Lewin proposed that populace respond to any imaginary situation or changes and intends to shape it accordingly. This includes mainly triad phases such as unfreezing, moving and refreezing. Unfreezing is a type of challenge faced by every military man beings in an organisation. This means that the individual employees are often examined to depict reluctance to change according to the changes occurring at bottom the organisational environment or in its external business environment. However, the reluctant employees ultimately accept the change in order to sustain in the organisation. It involves creation of the preliminary motivation towards the change by communicating the subsisting problematic situation or scenario to the employees of the organisation. This facilitates to understand the varied viewpoints of the individuals as well as helps to progress tribe from the frozen state to an unfrozen or change state so that it can be adoptive efficiently by all. Next is the moving or transition stage. It involves recognition of the need of change, that can be in terms of cultural change or structural change in order to disclose new principles and rules. Refreezing refers to the fortification of the new adjustments in order to accomplish rehabilitated stability among the organisationa

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Figurative Language vs. Literal Language Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Figurative Language vs. Literal Language - adjudicate ExampleAccording to Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language, in metaphoric talking to figures of speech such(prenominal) as metaphors and similes freely occur...they argon regarded as embellishments that deviate from the ordinary uses of language. On the other hand, literal language suggests the influence of the letter as a measure of strictness and rightness... If something is done literally, a person follows book of instructions to the letter, without flexibility or imagination. (1998)It is common for people to misuse or overly use figurative words in written or spoken language. Consequently, the minds of the readers or listeners start focussing on the language, earlier than what it implies. Thus, it hinders the productivity of the thought process by engaging the mind to concentrate on words, or phrases kinda than their meanings in a particular context. Following is an attempt to define the meanings and functions of a few words match to Oxford Reference Online that atomic number 18 often used interchangeably in different contexts. 2.IdiomA phrase or grammatical construction that cannot be translated literally into another language because its meaning is not kindred to that of its component words. A simple idiom like bring home the bacon means to earn bullion or success or profit. run into the confusion it makes in contexts like We planned to host a sumptuous dinner on Thanksgiving. I decided to prepare a delicious sweet potato, bacon and pomegranate tree salad, and bacon-roasted turkey. Everyone was looking forward to Thanksgiving as the year had been really tough and both, John and I had to lap up really hard to bring home the bacon. ... (Vega-Moreno, 2007, p.189) 3. Amphiboly Amphiboly is a kind of ambiguity in which the linguistic context allows an expression to be taken in more than one way. There are several types, and writers differ over which to include out of enigmatical gro uping or scope.2 Consider this statement I wanted to become a modal value model for 8 years. This statement is ambiguous because it implies two meanings I have wanted for the past eight years to become a fashion model or I want to be a fashion model for only eight years. 4. Analogy Analogy is the respect in which one thing is similar to another. Arguing by similarity is arguing that since things are alike in some ways, they will probably be alike in others.3 In debates or arguments, analogy is used to prove that if A is couple to B, and if B is equal to C, then by analogy, A is equal to C. While such inference might be align in mathematical domains, it is likely to generalize facts and thus obstruct critical thinking. 5. Flame-word Flame words are words that convey expressions like anger, fury, hatred, insults etc. As such words carry emotional meanings because they carry compound impressions. For example May you burn a million years in booby hatch is based upon figurative lan guage. 6. Metaphor The most important figure of speech, in which one subject-matter (sometimes called the tenor) is referred to by a term or sentence (the vehicle), that does not literally describe it the ship of state, the light of faith, etc.4 ...consider the thematic similarity among the metaphoric expressions that are used to describe a love relationship in this fictitious break-up speech Dearest, weve come a long way since we first met, but

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Managerial Economics Week 7 Individual Work Assignment

Managerial Economics hebdomad 7 Individual Work - Assignment ExampleThe information asymmetry by the buyer give en fitting him/her to go for more prime(prenominal) tests on the product.An experience good is a good in which its prices and quality are in doubtfulness by the consumers. After the consumption, the consumer willing then be able to ascertain the quality of the product. Consumers then are more likely to pay higher prices for the product because set out prices by the notorious firm will raise the consumers eyebrows. Consumers will also be able to question whether there are some problems, which cannot be observed in the market but only upon consumption. high prices indicate how genuine the product can be thus consumers will go for the product at higher prices. Good branding of the products will also contribute towards higher prices by consumers (Holt, 2009). In the long-run, consumers will opt to paying lower prices. The decision to pay lower prices results from the fact that one gets to know the quality of the product after its

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Aztec Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Aztec - Essay suitInitially the Aztecs did farming for a living. There is no doubt that the Aztecs had a very developed sparing system. Their economy advanced because they built irrigation canals and terraces in the mountains for maximum crop growing.The Aztec used barter for trading imputable to the lack of a concept of the monetary system. However, this later developed into a stable monetary system. Although for a long time they had no money , they used salt, cocoa beans or cloth as currency. The judgment of a monetary system was very intumesce established and they were far advanced than other civilizations in their time when it came to transactions. Later they began trading using gold coins and copper knives. From this follows our modern currency.The Aztecs were responsible for developing a formal government with the emperor at the head of the civilization. This allowed the distribution of the civilization into twenty clans as well as other government officials such as mercha nts, priests and nobles who were responsible for running the society in an tidy manner. They were also responsible for collecting tribute from neighbouring provinces which clearly helped the economy of Aztec.The merchants although ranked below the nobles in cost of social class, were an important part of the Aztec society. They were largely responsible for creating the market economy in the society by their trade activities, whereby they traveled far and wide in order to make money on traded goods. They ofttimes lived separately from the civilization and enjoyed special privileges. They formed their own guilds which are mainly precursors to todays trade organizations and unions and laid the concept of trading rules and regulations carried out through these guilds. Hence, they laid the foundations of organized trade and therefore a market economy. (Smith and Masson 2000) cope Market LawsThe Aztecs ensured fair trade through laws. The markets were patrolled by officers who ensured t hat there was no cheating and that the buyers were getting a fair deal. The organization was crucial because the markets were very large in number.ConclusionThe civilization is not dependable a case of the past, to be forgotten and erased from our minds. The civilization is to be taken lessons from because the Aztecs were what shape the modern Mexican culture today and many aspects of modern Mexico can be traced directly from the Aztec empire. A question form unanswered however. We have yet to understand the extent to which trade would have been possible today had the straight-laced market economy in the Aztec civilization been not establishedReferencesSmith.M and M.Masson (2000). The Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica A ReaderBlackwell publicationFagan.B.(1996).The Oxford Companion to Archaeology. Oxford University